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We humans are highly sociable and form lasting sexual relationships to raise our children.

From pregnancy onwards both mothers and fathers experience extensive brain transformations that increase trust, mutual dependence and the emotional resilience to deal with the demands of parenting.

The LK Massage Programme® has been designed for couples to complement these changes from 36 weeks of pregnancy until the initiation of maternal, paternal-infant attachment following birth.



Enjoy a natural birth experience which benefits you, your partner and, most of all, your baby.


Hong Kong

The LK Massage Programme in Hong Kong

The LK Massage Programme in Hong Kong.


"I found using the LK Massage Programme in the last month of pregnancy excellent for helping with the backache I was suffering from, but also I slept much better on the nights my husband massaged me."

"Using the LK Massage Programme for my labour was wonderful as it made me feel I was not doing it all on my own as my partner was supporting me with each contraction. I was able to be upright and the different massage techniques used, combined with breathing control and visualisation helped with pain relief and relaxation so I didn’t need any drugs. My baby was not sleepy but alert at birth."
  A mother after labour