Baby Friendly

All intrapartum obstetric interventions interfere with maternal-baby adaptations to attachment, suckling and lactation. Mothers and babies who have been exposed to a planned, or in-labour caesarean section; used pharmacological analgesia and / or synthetic oxytocin during labour will be offered specific massage interventions designed to minimize the specific negative effect(s) of the intrapartum intervention(s) on attachment, sucking and lactation.

The recently extended evidence base for Baby Friendly standards includes many educational components of the LK Massage Programme®, particularly those designed to promote loving relations between couples and their baby, and to create conditions for mothers to have undisturbed skin-to-skin contact with their babies immediately following birth.

To create appropriate conditions for these interactions to become established following birth, it is necessary to identify how the neuro-hormonal status and innate interactions between mother and infant following birth are affected by different types of labour and obstetric interventions during the intrapartum period