The LK Massage Programme Trainers Course

Following successful completion of the Basic Course (Part 1), participants can undertake the 2 day Trainers weekend course. You will learn the principles of teaching the basic Programme to couples. Registration is expected prior to teaching the LK Massage Programme®


To enable partipants to teach the LK Massage Programme to pregnant women and their birth partners in a safe, conducive environment, within their learnt parameters and sphere of practice.


Within 3 months following the completion of the course, participants will be asked to contact the tutor when they feel ready to conduct a 3 hour assessed class with a couple. The tutor will then visit the participant as long as she lives in the UK.

If the participant lives outside the UK, then a recorded DVD of the class is sent to Childbirth Essentials for assessment.

Course Cost £200 plus £75 assessment fee


Horton Hospital Banbury Oxon

Dates 2013 TBA

Course (Part 2)

Information regarding this course will be on the website soon.