Post Natal Course

Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond

Postnatal Massage Programme  - 2 1/2  Day Course

This RCM accredited course is relevant for all those working with parents in the first weeks and months following birth: Midwives, Doulas Health Professionals and Therapists.

Massage course to complement mother – baby psycho-neuroendocrine adaptations to attachment, sucking and lactation.

Being in touch
The evidence based postnatal Massage Programme has been designed to complement the innate desire of mother and baby, to seek and maintain sensory interactions, during the critical period of dependent development following birth.

Skin-to skin contact following birth is currently recognised to have enormous and lasting emotional and physical benefits for mother and baby.

Being in touch is how life is in utero.
Responsiveness to touch begins before the embryo has formed ears or eyes around six weeks’ gestation. The skin constitutes the external aspect of the sensory and insular (emotional) cortex and is constantly stimulated by water during uterine life.

The course has been designed to teach professionals to use current evidence on maternal-fetal-neonatal adaptations that regulate the shift from late pregnancy and labour to attachment, sucking and lactation.

Participants learn current evidence on the inhibitory effects of routine interventions during the intrapartum period, on maternal and infant neurohormonal activation following birth. From this evidence, specific massage techniques are taught for use while babies are performing ventral “massage” through skin-to-skin contact.  Massage techniques are taught to relieve maternal pain and discomfort, and stimulate release of prolactin and oxytocin, particularly during the first weeks following birth.

Participants also learn to use massage techniques throughout the period of infancy and beyond, to promote attachment between mother and baby and meet the emotional needs of mothers, particularly those suffering from the negative effects of birth interventions.

Following completion of the course

Participants will receive Part 3 of the Professional DVD's 'Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond' which offers comprehensive information and is intended to act as a reference.

A case study needs to be completed demonstrating basic knowledge of current scientific findings that inform the Programme and an account of how the Programme has been practised on a selected client. Submission is required within 3 months of completing the course.

2016 Venue and Course Dates

Horton General Hospital, Banbury, OXON OX16 9AL

Tuesday 31st May, Wednesday 1st June, Thursday 2nd June - Half day  9am - 13hrs

Tuesday 6th September, Wednesday 7th September, Thursday 8th September -  Half day 9am - 13hrs

Cost £225 - inclusive of the DVD 'Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond' (Part 3) Course material, Assessment & Certification, plus the use of carrier oil and massage couch.

We also run in house courses in the UK and overseas. If you would like a course in your area, give us a ring. Contact


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